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      Xian, China
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      As one of China's seven ancient capitals, the continuous history of Xian has apparently resulted in its magnificent culture. thus Xian is blessed with numerous precious cultural relics and historical sites. Today's Xian is a world famous tourist city and the surrounding regions are windows to China's ancient civilization.
      Top Tourist Attractions
        Terra Cotta Warriors & Horses    
        Big Wild Goose Pagoda  
        The Bell Tower    
        The City Wall    
        Shaanxi History Museum    
        Tang Dynasty Dancing Show    
        Huashan Mountain    
      More Tourist Attractions
        Small Wild Goose Pagoda    
        The Drum Tower    
        Huaqing Hot Spring    
        Forest of Stone Steles  
        Hukou Waterfull    
        The Great Mosque    
        Xian Banpo Museum    
        Lishan Mountain    
        Temple of Eight Immortals    
        Huxian Peasant Painting    
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