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      Beijing Bicycle Guide Get around Beijing by bicycle
      If you are of a vigorous disposition, riding a bicycle through the traditional Hutongs, Chang'an Avenue or universities in Beijing is a wise choice for exploring the city thoroughly as well. You can take your time, enjoy the beautiful view on the way, and experience the real life of the Beijing's locals.
      Bicycle Kingdom
      Once known as a nation of bicycles, China today has an ever growing number of private car owners. So, nowadays you are guaranteed to see more bikes in any city in the Netherlands than in Beijing. However, the infrastructure from its days as capital of the "Bicycle Kingdom" means exploring Beijing on a bike is excellent. The city is flat as a pancake and all major streets have bike lanes. Bicycling is often faster than traveling by car, taxi or bus because of the traffic congestion in the motorized traffic lanes.
      Bicycle Renting

      To advocate environmental protection, more and more people in Beijing are giving up driving motor vehicles and are riding bicycles instead. Now, you can find many places in Beijing offering bicycle rental services, including hotels, scenic spots, and even subway entrances. Now, there has over 230 sites for renting 50,000 bicycles in Beijing. Shichahai area is well-known with its high density of traditional Hutongs, renting a bicycle there and riding through the Hutongs is good experience.

      Beijing Bicycle
      Renting Costs
      The method of renting and payment is convenient at bicycle rental sites, tourists can enjoy a short or long-term rental with a CNY100-400 deposit. The cost is around CNY5 per hour, CNY10 for a half day (4 hours), CNY20 for a day and CNY70 for a week. The Bicycle Rental Site at the Beijing Hotel, Wangfujing, accepts the card of the China Bank Network, the rent can be paid easily by card. you can also renting a tandem bicycle at Shichahai area, the price is CNY20 per hour.


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