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      Beijing Hutong Guide
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      Beijing Hutong - Narrow Bystreets

      A word " Hutong " which is what the small back streets or lanes of Beijing are called, is anunusual term used only in Beijing and a few northern cities in China, In fact, the word was originally a Han language term, but came from Monggolian roots.In the northern grasslands communities tended to from around wells, so " hot" or "well" in Monggolian, came also to mean a town, and a Hudu or Hudun, variants of it, a camp or village.

      Later it was applied to a small street. The sound gradual- ly changed to Hutong. Small streets in Beijing baganbto be called Hutong after the NUZHEN people from the northeast, Who founded the Jin Dynasty, captured the city in 1127 and made it their capital.(their langusge has similaritiesto Mongolian ) The costom became more widespread when the city was the capital of the Yuan Dynasty after the Mongol conquest.

      Beijing Hutong
      Children in Hutong
      Old men in Hutong

      Beijing's history is preserved in the names of its Hutong. Some retain the names of some famous persons who once lived three. such as YongKang Hou Hutong for Prince Yongkang and Wu Liang Daren for his Excellency Wu Liang. Others are named for well-knomn craftsmen or shops, such as Doufu Chen Hotong ffor a bean vermicelli Liu. Thre are also lanes with names like Jinyu Hutong (Goldfish), Dengcao Hutong (Lighting Rush), and Shoupa Hutong (handkerchief).

      Generally speaking, When one of the winding Hutong makes a major turn, it takes on a new name. In the Qing Danasty (1644-1911), thre were total 2077 Hutong; In 1944 Thre were 3200 Hutong, while in 1970s, three were 1,316 Hutong, in 2001, 800 hutong remained.


      The hutong which In the wider ones two buses can Pass, The narrowest spot is the southern end of Gaoxiao Hutong, through which only one person can walk at a time. The longest,Rongxian (Embroidery Floss) Hutong, is two kilometres long. the shortest is Yichi Dajie (One-foot street), which is actuelly twenty metres long.

      With the development of the city, many hutongs have been demolished to make way for building high rises, Without these hutongs, the memory of the traditional life and culture inbeijing will disappear. Therefore the city has set aside designated parts of dowmtown Beijing as off-limits to urban renovation. these areas include the neighbourhoods around the Forbidden City, Beihai Park and the Lama Temple.Experts worry that urban renovation is likely to break the traditional to fathom the life of old Beijing.

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      Beijing Hutong Culture Tours Booking :

      You will meet our Tour Guide at the The Drum Tower (Gulou) ticket office, and our Guide will arranged tours and be shown to your rickshaw. More Details of Hutong tours

      You can getting there by taxi. Chinese Name and Address of taxi instructions: 北京市西城区鼓楼北侧院内. While we also can arrange a car and driver to pick you up and drop you off. See our Cars

      Discount Tour Price: RMB240/p.p

      Tour Time: 1.5 hours (Every day 9:00am to 5:00pm)

      How to Booking :
      Inquiry or booking with sales@www.hnca.cc or call 0086 -13801067568
      Booking information: Your Name, Date, Time, Tickets.
      We will confirm tickets and seats booking within 2 hours. When your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email or telephone, which includes the confirmed detailed ticket with prices.
      Payment :

      You could pay cash to our staff when you get the Drum Tower. Both RMB and US dollar are acceptable.

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