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      Beijing Night Club Guide
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      Beijing Travel Guide
      Banana Club & Spicy
      Address : 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing
      Open Time : Daily 8:30pm - 5:00am
      Phone : 86-10-65363939
      Ticket Price : RMB 20-30/p.p
      Chinese Name : 巴那那俱乐部
      Banana Club Beijing
      Introduction of Banana club & spicy:

      Wanna get to know Beijing’s Hottest fashion trends? Wanna get shocked by newest released music dance tracks? BANANA is the best must-go place you will find.

      Which is the 1st house music nightclub in Beijing? Which is the 1st electro music nightclub in Beijing? Which is the 1st nightclub that invited world famous DJ to perform? All of the answers are: BANANA! By perfectly combined with world trend disco music and Chinese local expression of music, BANANA creates its own style of disco. People will be refreshed by the variable styles of music all night long, because you will never ever get the same music anywhere other than BANANA. Wanna get hit by the hottest music of EURO dance music board? Wanna get hit by Chinese dance music produced by our own BANANA DJs? Wanna blow your mind? Then come to BANANA.

      BANANA located at Scitech Hotel, JianGuoMenWai. This newly renovated nightclub is two levels, multifaceted entertainment concept, in the heart of Beijing district, is guaranteed to blow your mind. Banana has the look and feel of an upscale England/New York Hottest club -- FEBERIC, but without the attitude. The two floors are distinct, yet maintain a common thread with respect to service and upbeat atmosphere...Most people there are local white-shirts that looking for nightlife exitements.
      Banana Club
      Your vision may get flied high by these performers on the air stage or in SPICY small lounge. Especially these KTV rooms, classic, modern, and Mediterranean, 3 styles decorated rooms are free for you to choose. In addition to regular private parties and promotional events Many familiar faces have been known to frequent BANANA, such as YouPeng SU, PinYuan Huang, Rui SU, Ying Na to name a few.
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