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      Beijing Nightlife Guide
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      Hou Hai Bar Street

      Houhai (Chinese: 后海)and adjoining lakes Xihai and Qianhai— collectively known as the Back Lakes were dug out in the Yuan Dynasty (14th century) to berth barges from the Grand Canal, bringing goods from around China and beyond to the Emperor in his nearby Forbidden City. The proximity to the palace explains much of Houhai’s still-evident charm – the arched stone bridges, intricate animal sculptures on canal walls.

      However, the distance from the palace was just as important in shaping life around the lakes. These Back Lakes rapidly became a retreat, for courtiers, poets, painters. And a favorite of the masses.


      Panorama of Houhai Bars Area


      Houhai Bar Street was a very elegant contrast to the seedy Sanlitun Bar district. There were many different bars and restaurants that lined the shores of the man made lake.

      I went to one place...can't remember the name exactly "dragon something" anyway it had a spot light in the shape of a dragon that illuminated on the sidewalk. The place was interestingly decorated and there was good music with a small dance floor.

      The area is a good spot for people watching and taking a stroll, although on my particular night there it was mysting that only added to the ambience.

      Recommend Bars in Houhai

      Bars No Name (010-6402-1663) has no address either, although it’s easy to find Houhai’s original Cathedral of Cool: just look for the vine-covered wooden hut south of charmingly arched Yinding Bridge. Bai Feng conceived the place as a kind of backyard clubhouse, and three years on, its wicker chairs, funky decor, a wide range of teas and drinks, from juices to margaritas, still draw in Beijing’s A-list.

      Left Bank (11 Qianhai Beiyan; 010-6612-9300) There evolved two styles of Houhai bar: the ramshackle student sprawl of No Name and Buddha, or the cool chilling centers, complete with couches. The Left Bank (for its location, on the west, or left side of the lake, and its model, Paris’ Left Bank) goes for the latter, with the look and comfort of a large den. A nice place to plot, or merely cuddle.

      Houhai Bar

      Sex and da City (15 Tianhefang; 86-10/6612-5046) draws crowds on Lotus Lane with its stylish design, particularly upstairs, where a trio of curtained areas offer suite-like seating with stunning lake views. The downstairs bar is lined with lilies, which inexplicably works, unlike the two-story tall mural of Marilyn Monroe.

      Lotus (29 Yandai Xiejie; 86-10/6407-7807) Not to be confused with Lotus Lane, this bar with separate restaurant in the winding alley leading to the Drum Tower (Gu Lou) remains one of the area’s original zen centers, with tranquil design by Wang Hui. The two-story tower bar has a good collection of crafts on display downstairs, pillow and couch seating upstairs with a nice atrium. Smells of incense and one of the best drinks menus on the lake (try a shot of crème de mint in a cup of hot coconut milk).

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