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      Beijing Introduction
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      Introduction on Beijing
      Once the capital of four dynasties in history and the capital of P.R.China today, Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities. with a 3,000 years History and 11 million people. Covering 16,808 square kilometers in area, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the People's Republic of China.
      Situated in northeast China, Beijing adjoins the Inner Mongolian Highland to the northwest and the Great Northern Plain to the south. Five rivers run through the city, connecting it to the eastern Bohai Sea. Administratively, the Beijing municipality equals the status of a province , reporting directly to the central government.
      Beijing Photo Gallery

      Beijing has become one of the most significant cities of the world not only because of its splendid historical heritages such as The Great Wall , The Forbidden City , Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven , but also for its extravagant building projects of Olympic Games 2008, such as the "Nest", the world eye-catcher stadium and "Water Cube", the largeest natatorium of the world so far, which has made Beijing as the world focus of 21 Century by its diversified culture.

      With a large group of State-protected Sites of Cultural Relics and the Attractions of the unique Hutong (narrow bystreets) and Siheyuan (quadrangle courtyard) with pedicab's touring, the national treasure of Peking Opare performances and Acrobatics troupes keep those traditional Shows and entertainment forms vital, while contemporary music clubs, discos thrive in an era of liberalization and prosperity. the exquisite arts and handicrafts of Antiques, crafts, and books can be found at Liulichang , an old antique Shopping market district remodeled in the 1980's to reflect the style of the old city. the delicious of Peking Duck at Quanjude restaurant.
      A dynamic city where the old and new intermingle, remains a magnet for visitors from inside and outside China. Beijing reasons enough to be a must and worthy destination to go!


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