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      The population of Beijing Municipality, defined as the total number of people who reside in Beijing for 6 months or more per year, at the end of 2007. Beijing's total population has topped 17.4 million, including just over 12 million official residents in the household register and 5.4 million in the floating population.
      From Jan 2007, there were Average 91,000 births recorded in the household register for Beijing per year and 40,475 births in the floating population, according to statistics. The current sex ratio at birth for holders of Beijing "hukou," or official residency permit, is within the normal range of 103-107:100 (male:female), but is approaching the highest limit. The sex ratio in the floating population is greater, reaching approximately 120:100.
      births in Beijing

      Downtown Beijing is more crowded than the suburbs, The population of Beijing's urban core (city proper) is around 7.7 million. with the population density of the capital center four times that of the immediate suburbs and sixty times that of the outer suburbs.

      Most of Beijing's residents belong to the Han Chinese majority. Other ethnic minorities include the Manchu, Hui, and Mongol. A sizable international community exists in Beijing, many attracted by the highly growing foreign business and trade sector, others by the traditional and modern culture of the city. Much of this international community lives in the areas around the Beijing CBD, Sanlitun, and Wudaokou.


      In Dec 2007, a study by the Beijing Statistics Bureau estimated the total of population in Beijing is predicted to maintain this upward trend over the next five to ten years. Beijing experienced a peak period of births in the 1980s, and this generation is now at a prime childbearing age. In addition, there are more couples both coming from one-child families, and these couples are allowed two children under current regulations.

      Beijing Population

      Reform of the household registration system has led to a rise in marriages between Beijing residents and people from other provinces. that illegal births have contributed to the population swing in Beijing.


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