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      Beijing Restaurants Guide
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      Beijing Travel Guide
      Beijing Restaurant Guide
      Beijing is a gourmand's delight since just about every style of Chinese cooking is represented by the capital's restaurants: adventurous diners can tour the country without ever leaving the city! More than this, Beijing also boasts its own cuisine, which combines features of Liaoning cuisine with all the cosmopolitan influences befitting Beijing's status as a mega-city.
      Well Known Restaurant in Beijing
      Quanjude Restaurant Beijing

      The Quan Ju De restaurants was founded in 1864, which is one of the most renowned restaurants in China. Quanjude roast duck enjoys a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality. Throughout the years, Quanjude dishes have been greatly enriched due to developing and innovation...

      Dong Lai Shun Restaurant Beijing
      Dong Lai Shun is one of Beijing's oldest Muslim restaurants. which is most famous hot pot chain but has been less than inspiring in the past due to its stuffy state-enterprise ethos. This new branch has a new look, however, and hints at an attempt to shake off such associations C even if the effort to be hip can be equated with a farmer from the countryside...
      Fang shan Restaurant Beijing
      'Fang Shan' in Chinese means 'imitating imperial cuisine'. come to Beijing Fangshan Restaurant and experience for yourself a lavish spread of imperial Chinese cuisine served in a historic setting that is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane. today, It is one of the several most famous Chinese imperial Restaurants in Beijing City...
      Popular Restaurant in Beijing
      Hot Pot Restaurants Local-snacks Restaurants
      Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant Old Beijing Zha Jiang Noodle King
      Koufuju hot pot restaurant Tianxingju Restaurant
      Longshunyuan Spicy Pot Longfusi Snack Bar
      Dumplings Restaurants Muslim-flavored Restaurants
      Laobian Dumplings Eatery Yueshengzhai Restaurant
      Shunyifu Dumplings Eatery Nanlaishun Restaurant
      Eastern King of Dumpling Restaurant Jin Fang Snack Restaurant
      Sichuan Food Restaurants Beijing Food Restaurants
      Boiling Fish Village Da Ya Li Restaurant
      Hot Spicy Temptation Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant
      Emei Restaurant Lao Hu Ji Restaurant
      Ba Guo Bu Yi Restaurant Geng Wu Da Shi Tang Restaurant
      Shanghai Food Restaurants Taiwanese Food Restaurants
      Yuan Yuan Restaurant Ding Tai Feng Restaurant
      Lu Lu Restaurant Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant
      Hujiang Xiangmanlou Restaurant Bellagio Restaurant
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