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      Beijing Shopping Guide
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      Ya Xiu Shopping Market
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      Beijing Shopping Guide

      Shoppers are well catered for in Beijing, whether one is looking for antiques, souvenirs, gifts or bargains. From glitzy malls to huge markets, there is plenty to explore.

      Wangfujing Shopping Area in Beijing

      The Wangfujing Shopping Area located on Changan Street of Beijing, is a prestigious partly pedestrianised shopping street popular with both tourists and locals. It is located in the Dongcheng district, east of the Forbidden City and is one of the capitals most famous shopping streets... Beijing Wangfujing

      Hong Qiao Pearl Market in Beijing
      It is located just to the east of the Temple of Heaven. Its indoor mall with a seafood market in the basement and about 4 floors up. It is filled mainly with cheap electronic goods like portable CD, DVD, camcorders, batteries, sunglasses, phones. Even thermos flasks and tea jars... Beijing Hong Qiao
      Xiu Shui Silk Market in Beijing
      Xiu Shui market is the inner city's one stop tourist shopping paradise. It's name is now written in English across the entrance as simply "Silk Street". Apart from the almost real-looking designer, you can now enjoy shopping for a wealth of traditional Chinese knick knacks to bring home... Beijing Xiu Shui
      Zhongguancun Electronics Area
      Selling: Electronic & digital products
      Beijing Zhongguancun is the best place for you to buy good-quality digital products. This area provides an incredible range of options for you, from digital cameras, MP3 & MP4 players, mobile phones, USB flash drives, laptops, printers, PC compatible hardware, software... Beijing Zhongguancun Area
      Nanluoguxiang Trendy Shops
      Selling: Chinese-inspired gifts, T-shirts
      Nanluoguxiang, Located between Gulou Dong Dajie (Drum Tower East Street) and Di'anmen East Street, this quaint street boasts many cool shops offering silk shawls, handicrafts designed by local artists, and trendy T-shirts featuring images of everything... Beijing Nanluoguxiang Area
      Liulichang Culture Street in Beijing
      Old and new, real and fake, moral and immoral, that was all to be found on Liulichang Street, it is really a visitor's treat. Liulichang is one of two streets which still bear the appearance of a Qing Dynasty market street where was the most famous antique stores areas... Beijing Liulichang
      Panjiayuan Collection Market in Beijing
      Situated west of Panjiayuan Bridge and south of the East Third Ring Road, the Panjiayuan Antiques Market is very accessible. The market deals mainly in antiques and arts and crafts. It also has the reputation of being the most inexpensive antiques market in Beijing... Beijing Panjiayuan
      Beijing Antique City
      Beijing Antique City is located in the east third ring south road of Chaoyang district, it is the first second-hand curios market under the management of the government in China, it's also the Asia's biggest antique art exchanging center in the world ... Beijing Antique City
      Ya Xiu Shopping Market in Beijing
      This market is located near the northeast embassy area, is similar to the Silk Market, an indoor 4-floorstore, Beijing's clothing Bazaar .It's also as crowded. It's full of fake designer, jeans, shoes, ladies wear and CD, DVD, camcorders, batteries and so on... Beijing Ya Xiu
      Silver Street Beijing

      Silver street was the vane of the fashion. All the franchised foreign name-brand were concentrated here. However, after reworked, the Silver street present another different feature. You can find the accouterment of Tibet just like the ring, necklace and so on.... Silver Shopping Street

      Dashilan Commercial Street in Beijing

      Qianmen street also called Dashilan commercial street, It was a commercial center of Beijing more than 500 years ago. Once the business center of Beijing and remedied as per the architecture style of the Ming and Qing Dynastyt from last year and now the old and famous shops... Beijing Dashilan

      Maliandao Tea Street Beijing

      Maliandao Tea Street has become the biggest tea market in Beijing and the largest tea distribution center in northern China. There are almost one thousand tea-stores offering leaves from the largest seven tea producing areas of China. All kinds of tea can be found here... Beijing Maliandao

      Beijing Baoguosi Antique Market

      Baoguosi has expanded to include an antique market, a souvenirs and gifts market, coin markets and a stamp collection market. Traders there also sell miscellaneous items as jade, coins, Buddha statues, old books, calligraphy works, paintings and many more... baoguosi_antique_market.html

      Beijing Xidan Commercial District

      Xidan is a famous traditional commercial area in Beijing. The name Xidan incorporates the Xidan Culture Square, North Xidan Street, as well as many supermarkets and department stores. The Xidan Cultural Square is the largest venue for cultural events in downtown Beijing... Beijing Xidan Commercial Area

      Laitai Flower Trading Center
      Selling: Fresh & fake flowers
      Beijing Laitai Flower Trading Center is made up of Laitai flower market, Laitai Flower Street and Laitai Flower Auction Center. total cost 155 million yuan and total building area amounts to 55000 square meters, This is the largest flower collecting and distributing center of northern China... Laitai Flower Trading Center
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