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      Beijing Shopping Guide
      Dashilan Commercial Street You are here >>
      Beijing Travel Guide
      Dashilan Commercial Street
      Selling: Chinese traditional products
      Price: Your Choose
      Address: south of the Tiananmen square, Beijing
      Open Time: Daily
      Chinese Name: 大栅栏商业街
      Dashilan Commercial Street in Beijing
      Introduction of Dashilan commercial street Beijing:

      Qianmen is just in the south of the Tian’anmen square. The Qianmen street also called Dashilan commercial street, It was a commercial center of Beijing more than 500 years ago. Once the business center of Beijing, the Dashilan area has gathered some of China's oldest brands.

      On August 7, 2008, The Dashilan commercial street had reopened after a mass-scale renovation. The neighboring Qianmen street, which also has been refurbished, will reopen in time for Olympic guests.

      If you are interested in the Chinese traditional products, then it will be a good place to go. Qianmen area has been remedied as per the architecture style of the Ming and Qing Dynastyt from last year and now the old and famous shops just like the Quanjude(Peking Duck), Pianyi Workshop(Peking Duck), Tongrentang (TCM), Neiliansheng (shoes), and Ruifuxiang (silk and fabrics). all of which are the representative of the Chinese traditional culture, are congested there.. Indubitably, the atmosphere of the Chinese traditional culture will be felt.

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