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      Beijing Shopping Guide
      Laitai Flower Trading Center You are here >>
      Beijing Travel Guide
      Laitai Flower Trading Center
      Selling: Fresh & fake flowers, small handicrafts
      Price: Your Choose (RMB 20-200)
      Address: 9 West Maizidian Road, Chaoyang district
      Open Time: Daily (9:00am-7:00pm)
      Chinese Name: 莱太花卉交易中心
      Laitai Flower Trading Center
      Introduction of Laitai Flower Trading Center:

      Beijing Laitai Flower Trading Center, also known as Ladies Street, located at the east 3rd Ring Road business district, while the third and fourth new foreign embassy areas just close by on the east side.

      Opened up in April 1998, Laitai Flower Trading Center is made up of Laitai flower market, Laitai Flower Street and Laitai Flower Auction Center. total cost 155 million yuan and total building area amounts to 55000 square meters, This is the largest flower collecting and distributing center of northern China.

      Laitai Flower Market 莱太花卉市场

      Laitai Flower Market is composed of the fake flower sale building and the fresh potted flower sale hall. this is a chinese biggest botanical warehouse, is a delight to your eyes, and also the best place in town to add a little greenery to your house. Apart from colorful flowers and plants of all kinds, The underground floor of the fake flower building has modern porcelain, lamps, carpets, straw and cane products, eating utensils, stone carvings and some small handicrafts. all making sure you cannot leave empty handed.

      A lassock in Laitai Flower Market

      HongFu (红福)is a special store from northeastern China. Many television programs have reported on this store. The products are made out of maize-leaves and are unique; therefore it is difficult to find another one like it. Fish are one of the mascots of China and express happiness and wealth.

      If you are a fish enthusiast, don't pass up the fish stalls along the side of the flower and plant hall. There are all types of fish foods and enough bits and pieces to decorate any aquarium to make it appear like the Great Barrier Reef. Deepblue Aqua(深蓝水族) can be found at stall #153 selling large aquatic equipment, sea fish and aquatic coral.

      Laitai Flower Street 莱太花卉街  

      Laitai Flower Street is opposite the Laitai Flower Market with many stalls displaying a colourful range of flowers throughout the year. Its makes up one of the most colourful thoroughfares in Beijing. There are dozens of independent stores selling cigarettes, wine, baby clothes, home decorations, carpets and lamps.

      Laitai Flower Street

      There is even a Tibetan goods store (扎西德勒藏文化- 央金卓玛店) where the English-speaking shop assistant will happily help you choose Tibetan items to decorate your home.

      After wandering the market stalls and shops you may want to have a relaxing drink, so continue on along the street and turn left. You will find yourself at Super Bar Street (星吧街).


      Many restaurants, coffee shops and bars have set up business on this street. For those keen to shop further there is also a second hand market on this street. CDs, second-hand cameras and phones have made this market area famous around Beijing.

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