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      Beijing Shopping Guide
      Zhongguancun Electronics You are here >>
      Beijing Travel Guide
      Zhongguancun Electronics Shopping Area
      Selling: Electronics products
      Price: Your Choose
      Address: Haidian District, Beijing, China
      Open Time: Daily
      Chinese Name: 中关村
      Zhongguancun Area
      Introduction of Zhongguancun Area:

      Zhongguancun is popularly known as the "Chinese Silicon Valley". located in the Haidian district of Beijing, boasts people who are experts in IT and computer know-how from all over China. There are lots of well-known high-tech Chinese corporations and many representative stores for foreign companies located here. The University of Beijing and Tsinghua University are also located in Zhongguancun.

      If you have a favor with electronic gadgets, Zhongguancun is the best place for you to buy good-quality digital products. This area provides an incredible range of options for you, from digital cameras, MP3 & MP4 players, mobile phones, USB flash drives, laptops, printers, PC compatible hardware & accessories, peripherals, software, etc.

      Zhongguancun Dinghao Electronics City

      Top prominent IT and electronics markets

      Dinghao Electronics City 鼎好电子商城

      Hailong Electronics Market 海龙电子商城

      Kemao Electronics Mall 科贸电子商城

      Pacific (Taipingyang) Digital Market 太平洋数码城

      Zhonghai Electronics Market 中海电子市场

      Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Mall 中关村广场购物中心

      Off-Price Shopping Mall 上品优价百货


      In the past, people had the opinion that Zhongguancun was a place that only sold electronics products. But now, Zhongguancun has become a much more diverse shopping and mixed leisure zone. The area has attracted enormous amounts of recent investment and local property prices have risen considerably. shop in the huge underground shopping mall, enjoy good food and entertainment, visit Zhongguancun during your stay in Beijing!

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