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      Beijing Shows Guide
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      Peking Opera  
      Tea House Show  
      Beijing Travel Guide
      Beijing Entertainment Shows
      Beijing has many traditional performances such as the Peking Opera, Acrobatic shows, Chinese Kungfu, "Lao She" Tea house and Dramatic performances in the Beijing-styled houses or theaters. Shows are popular with the visitors to the Beijing, all that will ensure you have a wonderful and interesting nightlife!
      Popular Shows in Beijing
      Acrobatics Show
      Ticket : RMB220/p.p

      Be an entertainment for the ordinary folks, it was continually sustained and nurture by the commoners into the fascinating Chinese acrobatics of today. in Beijing ctiy can see breath-holding acrobatics shows, This is one entertainment that must not be missed by the young and old on a visit to Beijing ... Beijing Acrobatic Show

      Chinese Kungfu Show
      Ticket : RMB140/p.p

      The Kung Fu (Martial Arts) is so prestigious on the global scene that Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has become the mecca for Wushu lovers who congregate there for a annual international Wushu festival, Beijing Red Theater is originally known as the theater specializes in Chinese traditional Kung Fu performances ... Chinese Kungfu Show

      Peking Opera Show
      Ticket : RMB140/p.p

      Peking Opera is a national treasure with a history of 200 years. Opera shows richness of repertoire, great number of artists of performances and audience. The costumes in Peking opera are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, most of which are made in handicraft embroidery. As the traditional Chinese pattern are adopted ... Peking Opera Show

      "Lao She" Tea House
      Ticket : RMB180/p.p

      The tea house provides an antique-flavor, Beijing-styled environments, where you can watch wonderful performances by celebrities from folk arts and drama while enjoying famous teas, when in China, do as the Chinese do. Forget the coffee and try some Chinese tea! It might will change your drinking habit of a lifetime ... Beijing Tea House Show

      More Major Shows in Beijing
      Kunqu Opera
      Beijing Night Show
      Kunqu Opera
      Face Changing Show
      Mei Lanfang Classics of Peking Opera
      Face Changing Show
      Legend of White Snake
      Golden Mask Dynasty
      Legend of White Snake
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