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      Beijing Taxi Guide Get around Beijing by taxi
      Taking a taxi is the preferred choice for newcomers getting around Beijing city, Taxis are convenient and fairly inexpensive from Western countries. There are over 70,000 taxis running in every corner of the city. In order to service the 2008 Olympic Games better, the 90,000 taxi drivers in Beijing are required to learn English, supposed to chat with foreigners freely although some of them can just understand simple English until now.
      In the daytime, all the taxis starting fee is CNY10 for the first three kilometers, and it is CNY2 per kilometer for the remainder of the journey. If the journey is longer than 15 kilometers, the charge rises to CNY3 per kilometer. and From 23:00 to 05:00 the starting fee is CNY11 for the first three kilometers, and then CNY2.4 per kilometer, and CNY3.4 per kilometer for a journey over 15 kilometers. Waiting and stationary time is charged is equivalent to 1 kilometer for each 5 minutes.

      When you get on the taxi, the taxi driver will switch the taxi meter on, if the driver forget to do it on, remind him by politely saying asking them to run the meter and gesturing at the meter box, It is recommended that tourists ask for a receipt when alighting from a taxi because the taxi details are listed in it. This is useful should you have any problems such as leaving property behind.

      Beijing Taxi
      Sometimes, the Communicating with the drivers can be a problem, as most do not speak English. You had better ask that your hotel write your destination on a card to give to the driver. Make sure also to take the hotel's card that lists the hotel's address in Chinese. In this case, you should look for the taxi stands or wait at the side streets. Additionally, if you know the way to your destination, please hail a tax on the correct sides of the road.

      Vehicles used as taxis include the Hyundai Sonata and Elantra, Volkswagen Santana and Jetta (the old model, designed in the 1980s), and Citroens manufactured in China. These taxis are dark red, or yellow top with dark blue bottom, or painted with new colors. Luxurious black executive cars (usually Audis) can also be found, usually waiting outside hotels.


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