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      Tourism in Beijing appeared "bullish" during the Spring Festival 2009, which marks the beginning of the Chinese ox year, During the Spring Festival holiday, from January 25 to 31, the city received about 3.24 million domestic tourists, a record high and up 20 percent from last year, Beijing reported 2.1 billion yuan (US$300 million) in tourism revenue the past week, up 32.6 percent.
      The Summer 2008 Olympic Games placed Beijing firmly on the list of today's most exciting modern cities. Olympic venues were popular among tourists. The Olympic Park was visited by more than 1 million people in one week, while the National Stadium and the National Aquatics Center incorporates elements of Chinese art and culture, dubbed Bird's Nest and Water Cube, saw a combined 220,000 sightseers.
      National Stadium in Beijing Olympic Park

      Beijing's ancient roots are still visible among the modern high-rises and the flashy billboards. tourist can be captivated by Beijing Attractions, such as the majestic Great Wall, the magnificent Forbidden City, the largest city square of Tiananmen Square, the scenic Summer Palace, the artistic Temple of Heaven, and the age-old courtyard homes in Hutong.

      Beijing is one of the best Transportation systems in China or even the world. Travelers getting to and around Beijing is very easy and straightforward. Airport and Trains connections link the capital to virtually every point in China. In City of Beijing, whatever by taxi, by city Bus, by Bicycle, by Waterway, and by Subway, any options can be easy, fun, and cheap.


      Beijing is a gourmand's delight since just about every style of Chinese cooking is represented by the capital's Restaurants: adventurous diners can tour the country without ever leaving the city! Quan Ju De restaurants which is one of the most renowned restaurants in China. Quanjude Roast Duck as the famous Meals enjoys a high reputation among domestic and overseas consumers for the peculiar roast technique and outstanding quality.

      Quan Ju De restaurants in Beijing

      Beijing has a varied Nightlife scene, the most popular venue such as the elegant Houhai Bar Street and swinging Sanlitun Entertainment District. Here also has traditional Night Shows at Beijing-styled houses or Theaters, the Dramatic performances of Peking Opera, the world class Acrobatic shows, all there will ensure you have a full and exciting Beijing nightlife!


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