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    2. Beijing Tours on Sales

      www.hnca.cc is a full service Beijing travel agency providing popular Beijing travel package, Beijing day tours, Beijing Great Wall trip and China tour package. We specialize in "Private" tours, We try to be original, unique and different from our competitors in how to satisfy and impress our valuable clients! Let us assist you to experience your own Beijing trip.

      Best Selling Beijing Great Wall Trips

      Beijing Great Wall Trips

      Thinking about taking a Great Wall trip from Beijing? Here are some best sells trips on our website, while include latest advices, useful hints and testimonials from our travellers.

      Relax & No-Shop Beijing Travel Packages

      Beijing Travel Packages

      Want to avoid from shopping scam trip in Beijing? Our website offers exclusive no-shopping travel packages make your mind at ease, excellent quality and reasonable price is our goals.

      Seasonal Theme Tour - Beijing Side Trips

      Beijing Side Trips

      We launched new side trips with many popular attractions around Beijing city, private side tours can be arranged with high quality and reasonable price, Join us to discover the Cultural Heritages!

      NO Tourist Shopping Guaranteed

      If you want to have a easyly vacations in Beijing China, please choose us for your local guide, We are the "ONLY" no shopping travel agency in Beijing. We offers all the "No shopping" private tours. We are at your service, not the other way around. Learn more