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      Chinese civilization is the world oldest and today is larggest! with all over a billion of people, existed 56 Ethnic groups, as well as many traditional life style with nature.we known china faces a lot of society and entironment problems,but it is great beauty here too. China is the home of highest mountain,large hot desert,mind nothing cold,steaming forest,hiding rare critters, far glass land and rich tropic sea.let's explore this great country!
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      www.hnca.cc is a full service China Tour Operator offers popular China Tour Packages to multi Chinese destination designed for independent travelers, All the tour packages for individual, family and group tours throughout more citys in China
      7 Day Beijing - Shanghai - Suzhou Tour
      9 Day Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Wuzhen Tour
      12 Day Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai Tour
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