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      Beijing Great Wall

      Beijing Great Wall - Beijing was not olny political center, but also being the important military affairs center in ancient china. if someone crossing the Yanshan mountain on the northward of beijing, they were able to enter the expansive plain of the northeast and control Mongolia llano, up to west of china.

      Therefore, the skillful craftsman constructed Peking Great Wall in every dynasties. there are 629kms of Beijing Great wall existed in china today. 827 watch tower and 71 pass were best preserved.

      Most Popular of Beijing Great Wall
      Great Wall at Mutianyu
      Great Wall at Simatai
      Great Wall at Jinshanling
      Good Sections in Beijing
      Simatai Great Wall day trip - From: $120 (2 person)
        Great Wall day tour to Simatai is designed for hiking-lover, who are looking forward to hike the marvellous & surprising section of the Great Wall, be amazing the full scene of Beijing Great Wall.
      Jinshanling Great Wall day trip - From: $128 (2 person)
      Mutianyu Great Wall half day Tour - From: $115 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $125 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Forbidden City day tour - From: $124 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Summer Palace day trip - From: $119 (2 person)
      Huanghuacheng Great Wall day trip - From: $98 (2 person)
      Badaling - Ming Tombs day tour - From: $116 (2 person)
      Huangyaguan Great Wall day tour - From: $126 (2 person)
      Juyongguan - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $113 (2 person)
      More Wild Great Wall
        Jiangjunguan Great Wall
        Jiumenkou Great Wall
        Zijingguan Great Wall
      Beijing Travel
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