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      Great Wall of China
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      Facts About the Great Wall of China
      The Great Wall of China, so far as its gigantic scale and difficulties in its constuction are concerned, is beyo- nd doubt a civil engineering project of defence, the greatest of its kind in ancient China. It can certainly be regarded as one of the great wonders ever wrought in the history of mankind. The Great Wall, a glory of the chinese nation, is the symbol of the ancient culture and the long standing history of china. Baptized by nature for thousands of years, the Great Wall has witnessed the rises and falls of innumerable dynasties and chan- ges on the earth, yet is still ranging proudly in the east of the world. Today the Great Wall of China, however, as a work of military defence against harassment and invasion from without,has become things of the past, yet instead it is playing a role in bridging up the friendship between the chinese people and the peoples of the rest of the world.
      Photo Gallery of Great Wall

      China Great Wall Maps
      Facts About the Great Wall
      Great Wall Protection
      Most Popular of Beijing Great Wall
      Great Wall at Mutianyu
      Great Wall at Simatai
      Great Wall at Jinshanling
      More Beijing Great Wall
      Simatai Great Wall day trip - From: $120 (2 person)
        Great Wall day tour to Simatai is designed for hiking-lover, who are looking forward to hike the marvellous & surprising section of the Great Wall, be amazing the full scene of Beijing Great Wall.
      Jinshanling Great Wall day trip - From: $128 (2 person)
      Mutianyu Great Wall half day Tour - From: $115 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $125 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Forbidden City day tour - From: $124 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Summer Palace day trip - From: $119 (2 person)
      Huanghuacheng Great Wall day trip - From: $98 (2 person)
      Badaling - Ming Tombs day tour - From: $116 (2 person)
      Huangyaguan Great Wall day tour - From: $126 (2 person)
      Juyongguan - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $113 (2 person)
      Beijing Great Wall Maps
      map of Beijing Great Wall
      Beijing Travel
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