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      Great Wall Sections
      Great Wall of China
      Gubeikou Great Wall
      The Gubeikou Great wall is located northeast of Beijing, 128kms from the city center. With the total length of 21 kms, this section of the wall was first built in 1368 and expanded in 1567 by a famous general named Qi jiguang in the Ming dynasty.
      Gubeikou section meanderes through mountains 400 to 900 meters high. unlike other sections, it varies in width, with the widest part able to accommodate 5 horses walking abreast and the narrowest spot allowing only a single person to pass. A road leading to the section of the wall hs been built for tourist. many cultual relics have been discovered in the preliminary digging, including arrows, bamboo guns, stone mills and knives. they are wxhibited as part of the tourist attraction.
      Gubeikou Pictures

      Gubeikou Location
      Gubeikou Travel Tips
      Open Time:
      Daily, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
      Ticket Price:
      50 yuan / adult
      40 yuan /child
      Cable car :
      No yet
      Miyun County, Beijing, China
      Spring(52F-41F), Summer(75F-53F)
      Autumn(55F-41F), Winter(33F-16F)
      Features: Private Tours, Comfortable car and experienced driver, Ticket and Cable Car, Chinese Lunch by your a-la-cate Menu, Hiking the original Section with our warm hearted speaking guide ...
      Gubeikou One Day Hiking Trip From: $140.p.p (p.p)
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