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      Home Page
      Home Page
      Jinshanling Great Wall
      Photo Gallery  
      Location in Beijing  
      Jinshanling to Simatai Hiking  
      2 Days Jinshanling to Simatai  
      Great Wall of China
      Jinshanling Great Wall One Day Trip
      Trip Valid: Everyday
      Trip Styles: Private Trip
      Guarantee: Daily Departure & No Shopping is Guaranteed
      Itinerary :
      Jinshanling Photos
      In the morning, Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00am.
      Take about 2.0 hours to drive to the Jinshanling Great wall in private vehicle. It lies 133 kilometers (82.5miles) from downtown Beijing. The Great Wall at Jinshanling is 13kilometers (8miles) long with a total of 22 watch towers. Theres a watch tower every 100 meters or so, and in some places the interval is only 50-60meters.
      Hike for 3-4 hours on the Jinshanling Great Wall.
      Have a traditional chinese lunch in jinshanling hotel restaurant.
      Drive back to the city around 17:00.
      * Above timetable is just for reference, you could tell us your preference or request.
      Quote in (USD) :
      Group size
      1 Pax
      2 Pax
      3 Pax
      4 Pax
      5 Pax
      6 Pax
      7 <More
      USD$ / p.p
      Testimonial for us
      Testimonial for Iko
      Service Including:
      1. Comfortable car and experienced driver
      2. Warm hearted speaking guide
      3. Admission ticktes to Jinshanling Great Wall
      4. Chinese Lunch at jinshanling great wall hotel
      5. Mineral water
      6. Arrangements of Private and no shopping Tours

      Online Booking:

      Fill out my online form.

      Payment:please pay RMB or USD in cash to our guide,thank you!



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