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      Great Wall Marathon
      The Great Wall Marathon is a one of the Adventure Marathons in the world, the marathon was a great succes with more runners than we have ever seen before - 2000 runners from 40 countries ran over the start line in the marathon, halfmarathon, 10K or 5K. The route on the incredible Wall and the remainder through beautiful mountain villages and along magnificent country trails you'll be experiencing a UNIQUE marathon of incredible proportions.
      Host City
      Huangyaguan Great Wall, Tianjin City, China
      May Of Every Year (Saturday)
      Official Booking Website

      About the Race
      You will run on the Great Wall itself, taking in some 3.5km near the start and again near the finish - while negotiating the giant steps of The Wall at the start is tough enough, trying to negotiate them near the finish on tired legs is something else altogether! The rest of the route is through stunning mountain scenery on good tracks and asphalt roads, which along with the high temperatures you can expect, make this marathon or half marathon a true test - most marathoners expect to be over 1 hour slower than their road times. This is a race for everyone, there are no time limits and the course remains open with full back up support until the last runners' finish - to check-out the results from previous years and a full overview and a full range of pictures of the race visit Great Wall Marathon Pictures.

      Great Wall Marathon Pictures

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      About Great Wall Marathon
      The past marathon,It has host at May 21th (Saturday), total 1608 runners from 38 countries ran over the start line in the marathon, A new marathon champion is Yanqiao Yun (Chinese) who finished in an astonishing 3:18:48. The first female marathoner to cross the finish line was Mari Kauri from Finland with a time of 4:11:19. Winners in The Great Wall Half marathon was Yuqiao Tian, Chinese, 1:35:40 and Melanie Newton, Australian, 1:48:55.

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