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      Home Page
      Mutianyu Great Wall
      Mutianyu + Forbidden City day Trip
      Mutianyu + Summer Palace day trip
      Mutianyu + Ming Tomb day Trip
      Mutianyu + Olympic Green day Trip
      Mutianyu + 798 Art Zone day Trip
      Great Wall of China
      Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs Day Trip
      Trip Valid: Everyday
      Trip Styles: Private Trip
      Guarantee: Daily Departure & No Shopping is Guaranteed
      Itinerary :
      Mutianyu Picture

      In the morning, Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00am.
      Take about 1.5 hours (79 kilometers) to drive to the Mutianyu Great wall in private vehicle. Mutianyu section winds along lofty, cragged mountains from the southeast to the northwest for about 2.25 kilometers, enjoy the most beautiful Great Wall with the best way: take the cable car up to Fortress No.14, free hiking for 2 hours, then take cable car back to entrance. (You could also choose the favorite toboggan slide down from No.6 Fortress).

      Have a Chinese roast duck lunch around 12:00am-1:00pm.

      Then drive to the sacred Ming Tombs (about 1 hour). thirteen of sixteen Ming Emperors were buried in this royal necropolis. You'll explore the largest and only tomb that has been excavated - Dingling Tomb, which is divided into 3 separate impressive courtyards, discovery of the entrance to the 27 meter deep underground chamber is interesting and unforgettable experience.
      After day tour, transfer back to your hotel.

      * Above timetable is just for reference, you could tell us your preference or request.
      Quote in (USD) :
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      Service Including:
      1. Comfortable car and experienced driver
      2. Warm hearted speaking guide
      3. Admission ticktes to Mutianyu great wall and Ming Tombs
      4. Chinese Lunch roast duck
      5. Mineral water
      6. Arrangements of Tours

      Online Booking:

      Fill out my online form.

      Payment: please pay RMB or USD in cash to our guide,thank you!



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