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      Home Page
      Home Page
      Mutianyu Great Wall
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      Mutianyu + Forbidden City Day Trip
      Mutianyu + Summer Palace day trip
      Mutianyu + Ming Tomb Day Trip
      Mutianyu + Olympic Green day Trip
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      Mutianyu in Autumn
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      Mutianyu Cable Car
      mutianyu in winter
      Mutianyu in Winter
      bill on the mutianyu Great wall
      Bill on the mutianyu
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      Bill on the mutianyu
      top of Mutianyu
      Top of Mutianyu Great Wall
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      Mutianyu Great Wall - To the northeast of beijing in Huairou district, 80kms away from Beijing city center. Mutianyu Great Wall measures 2,250 meters in length, with an elevation of 535 meters. Studded all along the wall are 22 turreted-fortresses, and the Mutianyu section is accesible by cable cars from below. The architecture of Mutianyu Great Wall is of special style. It has closely packed enemy towers and perilous passes. It was built up with battlements on both side of walls. The whole section of Wall stretches and winds like a huge flying dragon...
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