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      Great Wall Sections
      Shuiguan Great Wall
      Great Wall of China
      Shuiguan Great Wall
      Shuiguan is also name Water Pass, It located in Yanqing County Beijing, 1.24 miles away from the Badaling Great Wall, the Shuiguan Great Wall was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). It is the most complete and strongest section of the ten thousand li Great Wall and famous for its precipitous cliffs.

      Originally, the wall was part of an ancient military defensive work. The water system was employed to defend against enemies and formed a pass, hence the name 'Shuiguan', translated as the 'Water Pass'. The wall is built along the mountain contours with stone blocks and grey bricks. There are seven watch towers and one arrow tower. The arrow tower measures 15.63 meters (51 feet) high with an average width of 12 meters (13 yards).

      Shuiguan Great Wall Pictures

      The wall was open to public in 1995 after repairs. Besides climbing the wall, you can also visit the Genghis Khan Palace, the Stone Buddha Temple, Luotuo Peak (Camel Peak) and the Great Wall Stele Forest nearby.
      Shuiguan Location
      Shuiguan Travel Tips
      Open Time:
      Daily, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
      Ticket Price:
      40 yuan / adult
      20 yuan /child
      Cable car :
      No yet
      Yanqing County, Beijing, China
      Shuiguan Great Wall Trip
      Features: Private Tours, Comfortable car and experienced driver, Ticket and Cable Car, Chinese Lunch by your a-la-cate Menu, Walk along the Shuiguan Great Wall with our warm hearted speaking guide ...
      Shuiguan Half Day Trip From: $125.p.p (2 persons)
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