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      Great Wall Sections
      Great Wall of China
      Simatai Great Wall
      The Simatai which is well-known for its five characters of ”°steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness and comprehensiveness”±, is located in Gubeikou Town to the north-east of Miyun county, Beijing, 120 kilometers from the city center. Simatai Great wall is exquisite in its details and is grand as a whole, which is the only part of ancient Great Walls with the original features of Ming Dynasty well reserved. Simatai Great Wall connects with JinshanLing Great Wall to the west, main attractions include Watching Beijing Tower, Fairy Tower, Heavenly Ladder and Sky Bridge.
      Simatai Great Wall came into being during the Wanli period. It incorporates various characteristics of Ten-Thousand-Mile Great Wall and at the same time bears its unique features. Professor LUO Zhewen, the prestigious Great Wall expert, praised ”°Chinese Great Walls are the best all around the world, while Simatai deserves the best among all Chinese Great Walls.”± Up to now, Simatai Great Wall has been listed by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritages...
      Simatai Great Wall Pictures

        Romaunt and Grandness   Four Marvellous Spectacle   The Oddness Springs   Photo Gallery
      Simatai Location
      Simatai Travel Tips
      Open Time:
      Daily, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
      Ticket Price:
      £¤50 yuan / adult
      Water Twon
      £¤150 yuan / adult
      Cable car :
      £¤150 yuan / round - trip
      £¤100 yuan / one - way
      Miyun County, Beijing, China
      Simatai Great Wall Trip
      Features: Private Tours, Comfortable car and experienced driver, Ticket and Cable Car, Chinese Lunch by your a-la-cate Menu, Hiking the best Great Wall Section with our warm hearted speaking guide ...
      Simatai One Day Trip ””USD$140/p.p (2persons)
        Simatai and Water Town Day Trip ””USD$160/p.p (2persons)
      Great Wall car rental
      Booking a Own Car To Simatai From 1100yuan / Day”” See our Cars
      Beijing Travel
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