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      Why Constructed the Great Wall ?

      Great Wall of China, a gigantic defensive projest, has played an important role in chinese history, ever since ancient times, china has been a multinational country with an unevenly develop culture and economy among different ethnic groups in the evolution of history.

      After the Chinese Qin and Han dynasties, the backward nomadic tribes in the north often set harassment on, and undermined the advanced aculture and ecomomy of

      How was the Great Wall Built?

      the central of china. to prevent the advanced civilization from beijing destoryed, the Han people built this great wall, which played a very active role in the protection of the ancient chinese civilization.

      Today the great wall as a means of defence,has already fulfilled its historic mission,however, the great wall as a symble of china's ancient culture,will remain proudly on the chinese soil for a long time to come,because it epitomizes the great achievemnets in the fiedld of civil engineering and building technique in ancient china, and it tells in a vivid way the hong history,the strong will-power,creative wisdom and talent of the chinese working people.the great wall is a real glory and pride of the chinese nation.

      What were the fortresses,crenellated battlements and walled-in courtyard used for?

      Fortress, used by the dfending troops to take shelter from the wind,rain and heat, fight and check the enemy's advance, and store arms and ammunition.

      Crenellated battlements, the parts projecting upwards on both sides of the wall-top are called the crenels,which can be used for cover,defend and shield off attacks by arrows and gun-shots from the enemy.the dented parts are used to shoot and keep eyes on teh movement of the enemy.

      Walled-in courtyards, studded along the gentleslopes inside and outside the great wall,you will find some ruins of the walled-in courtyards.the garrison soldiers at the that time used to raise and keep horses here,they also called by the local people as horse-stables.

      Best Sections of Great Wall
        Gubeikou Great Wall
        Huangyaguan Great Wall
      Simatai Great Wall day trip - From: $120 (2 person)
        Great Wall day tour to Simatai is designed for hiking-lover, who are looking forward to hike the marvellous & surprising section of the Great Wall, be amazing the full scene of Beijing Great Wall.
      Jinshanling Great Wall day trip - From: $128 (2 person)
      Mutianyu Great Wall half day Tour - From: $115 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $125 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Forbidden City day tour - From: $124 (2 person)
      Mutianyu - Summer Palace day trip - From: $119 (2 person)
      Huanghuacheng Great Wall day trip - From: $98 (2 person)
      Badaling - Ming Tombs day tour - From: $116 (2 person)
      Huangyaguan Great Wall day tour - From: $126 (2 person)
      Juyongguan - Ming Tombs day trip - From: $113 (2 person)
      Great Wall of China
        Great Wall Sections
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