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      Great Wall Sections
      Lianyunling Great Wall
      Xiangshuihu Great Wall
      Great Wall of China
      Xiangshui Lake Great Wall
      Xiangshui Lake Section of Great Wall lies in the western part of the Mutianyu Great Wall of Huairou County. 78 kilometers from the Beijing city proper. Xiangshui Lake Great Wall is a part of Xiangshui Lake Natural Scenic Spot, a beautiful tourist resort. This splendid section of Great Wall was built in the second year of the Yongle Period of the Ming dynasty in 1404 for the frontier defence.
      The entrance of the Xiangshui Lake Great Wall is called Moshikou Pass, which is an important fortress of the Ming Great Wall. Since the stone in the narrow pass polished by the flowing water every year, hence the pass got the name Moshikou (which means polished stone pass in English). Originally, there was a rostrum situated on the pass. The Great Wall is wondering along the east and west side of the rostrum. Together with the torrent streams under the rostrum, it is a very solid military building.
      Xiangshui Great Wall Pictures


      Also because the pass had an inner city, therefore, there set up two passes, so it was also called Shuangguanzi (double passes). Not far away from the pass, there stands Moya Stone Carving with four characters--- Tian She Jin Tang which was written by Henan People Xu Maoqi in Ming dynasty. Jin Tang in Chinese always used to describe the solid state of a building. At here, Tian She Jin Tang stands for the highest craftsmanship of the impregnable Great Wall. Besides, you can also see some other historical sites with the intact and original shape.

      One kilometer west of the Moshikou Pass is the Donkey Saddle Mountain Range. Because it locates inside the lap and shaped like a donkey saddle, hence it got the name. There is a Great Wall site of the Northern Qi dynasty close to the pass. In addition, people can see a Bowlder Rostrum, which was the only construction of Great Wall built by the white bowlder with classic elegance flavor and unique style. 1.5 miles away from the Bowlder Rostrum, there is a rostrum with nine watch windows called Nine Eyes Rostrum (Jiu Yan Lou). It is also called Viewing Capital Rostrum, since in a fine day people can see the Beijing City from here. Around it, visitors can see the Ming dynasty marble stele, horse field and other historical sites. The Xiangshui Lake Great Wall and its nearby historical sites have not repaired and have kept its original style. So it is a very good place for archeology and exploration.

      Xiangshui Location
      Xiangshui Travel Tips
      Open Time:
      Daily, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
      Ticket Price:
      40 yuan / adult
      20 yuan /child
      Cable car :
      No yet
      Huairou County, Beijing, China
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