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      Yangguan Great Wall Pass
      Yangguan Pass lies in the Nanhu (South Lake) Village of Dunhuang and was established in 121BC of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC - 24AD) to defend against the attacks of other minority nationalities and to develop the area of Xiyu - the western regions of Han Dynasty being the area west of Yumenguan Pass including what is now Xinjiang and parts of Central Asia.
      Yangguan Great Wall Pictures

      Yangguan Location
      Yangguan Travel Tips
      Open Time:
      Daily, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
      Ticket Price:
      50 yuan / adult
      25 yuan /child
      Cable car :
      No yet
      Gansu City,Qinghai Province, China
      The History of Yangguan Great Wall

      Yangguan Pass once was the gateway to the Xiyu area and an important pass on the Silk Road. Eminent Buddhist monk Xuan Zang set foot there on his return to Chang'An (Xian) from India. During that period, Yangguan Pass, as a military stronghold, was rich in water and was an oasis.

      The location of ancient Yangguan Pass was submerged by the desert, the city of Yangguan Pass being unable to escape too, leaving only the remains of the beacon tower of Dundun Hill to witness the vicissitudes of Chinese history. But it is a desert full of precious deposits. There is a legend that the trousseau of a princess of the Tang dynasty was buried here by a sudden sandstorm. For this reason, locals call this desert 'curio beach'.

      Do not be dismayed by the loss of civilization and historical grandeur, for the museum of Yangguan Pass offers you a glimpse of history. Here there is an exhibition hall of the Silk Road, a decorated archway of Han Dynasty, an old street of Yangguan Pass, the art of great mural in Silu Youyi Tu (Silk Road Friendship Picture), large engravings, Yangguan Pass stone carvings and so on. It is a living history of Yangguan Pass's ups and downs that also shows the construction style of the Han Dynasty.

      The distinguishing feature of Yangguan Pass Museum is that you not only see ancient items in a way that gives you a sense of life at that time, but you also have the opportunity to experience riding and shooting. In addition, Nanhu Village has the largest vineyards of its province and the newly built national desert forest park gives a new fresh feeling in contrast to the historical site.So come to Yangguan Pass, uncover her thousand mysterious veils, taste the full-bodied grape wine and enjoy the syntheses of desert, oases, and forest.
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