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      Guilin, China
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      Introduction on Guilin
      Many visitors to Guilin are stunned by the beauty of the unique landscape - the tropical tower karst and its many famous scenes such as the lijiang river, the reed flute cave, seven star cave and nearby Yangshuo town.
      Gulin with a population of about 450.000, is well known both at home and abroad for its unique landscape - the tropical tower karst. the city has a history of more than 2000 years. literally, the name of the city means "the forest of sweet osmanthus trees"in chinese. it is located in the northeastern part of Guangxi zhuang Autonomous Region. the area has the largest population of zhuang nationality. one of the 56 nationalities in the big China family.
      Guilin China

      the city Guilin is often considered the capital of karst. then what is karst? the word karst is actually is regional name for a district in former yugoslavia, an eastern European country where stony and barren ground were its main features, later, karst was used to describe the terrain with distinctive hydrology and landforms arising from a combination of high rock solubility and well - developed secondary porosity.


      The oretically, two kinds of tropical tower karst dominate the area: peak-forest plains and peak-cluster depressions. xu xiake a great traveller and a pioneer karstologist during of karst in his famous xu xiake's travells. you can find a statue of xuxiake in front of the main building of the institute of karst geology in Guilin.

      The two kinds of tropical tower karst can find their own expression in many scenic spots in the area, like Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hills and caves to offer. the trip in guilin would be considered incomplete without a boat trip to yangshuo town. on the way may be treated with many local delicacies while drinking the local sanhua wine.

      Yangshuo, Guilin

      Yangshuo town was small but famous, there is even an old chinese saying while guili's landscape is the best in the world, yangshuo's scenery is the best in guilin. the highlight of the trip is: enjoying the local flavour and the beautiful lanscape, as if scroll of pictures of mountains and rivers were slowly unfolding at the same tmes.while in yangshuo town, a bicycle trip to the nearby moon hill will be a lifetime experiece.

      But there's still far more than meet the eyes: guilin Rice Noodles, pottery drums, masks of carved wood, feather fans and combs were allin great demand in the big chinese Market. therefore, commerce, handicrafts and industry grow rapidly.also noteworthy is its folk songs and dances, in Nightlife you can see many venders selling all kinds of handicrafts even after you finish the many cultural Shows of the zhuang nationality, certainly, you can get a vigorous and dynamic picture of the beautifull guilin city in south china.


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