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      Guilin, China
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      Shopping in Guilin
      Guilin has enjoyed the reputation of having the country's most beautiful scenery for hundreds of years. when you touring in Guilin or Yangshuo, you will find lots of Guilin's local products and handicrafts in the shopping street or shopping mails, such as Guihua Cha, Shatian shaddock, Chufa, Painted Fans and Paper Umbrellas.

      Guilin Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
      Zhengyang Road is now about a thousand years old, It is 666 meters long and located in the downtown of Guilin city. With 13 meters width, it is a leisure, shopping and amusement street. There are thousands of shops along street and are varied famous brands. Merchantman from all over the world deals in their business in this street; those shops are in varied styles and unique goods.

      In many ways Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is the hub of the city. Its shops and restaurants bring thousands of people daily to the area and at night it pulsates with life as people use the many venues that offer great nightlife.

      shopping in Guilin

      Yangshuo Xi Jie (Yangshuo West Street)
      The West Street right in the center of county in Yangshuo, It is 517 meters long, 8 meters wide. There are more than 20 stores are with holders from abroad. Yangshuo Xi Jie is one of the places assembling most numbers of foreigners, and is a poetry inhabitation place and is a spirit hankering avenue. There are many fantastic wares, paintings and calligraphies, art hand crafts, and traditional fineries of local minority.


      Guilin Department Store
      Add: Zhongshan Zhonglu
      Description: The government-run department store is the earliest national owned shopping mall in Guilin. With an area of 17.9 thousand square meters and whole glass walls outside, it is the shopping center for tourists and citizens.
      Open Hours: 9:00am-8: 30pm

      Guilin Niko Niko Do Plaza
      Add: 37 Zhongshang Road Middle
      Description: This plaza is a joint venture company Guilin Business Head Office and a Japanese Kumamoto franchise. Started from 1997, it is the biggest shopping mall in Guangxi Province. Guilin Niko Niko Do Plaza with an area of 50 thousand square meters with made of 9 layers. It is an all-around commerce mansion sale food, clothes, hats, shoes, cosmetic, ornaments, porcelain enamels, general articles, home fittings, special local products and so on. Besides, the supermarket in basement is greatly welcomed by Guilin civil.
      Open Hours: 9:00am-9: 00pm


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