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      Shanghai, China
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      Yesterdays opium halls and Somerset Maughams are todays underground clubs and the Giorgio Armanis. Shanghai has returned to its rightful place as one of the worlds great sin cities - called the paris of the east, now they're saying it's china's new york. but it should be unique.

      shanghai is one of the world's greatest cities with an entertainment scene to match. as the stylish restaurants, quality cuisine and a nightlife that's full of surprises.

      Shanghai nightlife

      shanghai has always had healthy cultural scene, with cinemas showing foreign and chinese films, and theatres featuring opera, dance, drama, acrobatics & puppets. as a common understanding, shanghai has the most colorful nightlife in china. but if you have ever participated, you may feel it is probably the most colorful one in the world!

      nightclubs and bars are always booming, with joints opening and closing faster than night can turn into day. barflies now have a choice of everything from glamorous art deco lounges to the seediest watering hole;

      live rock and jazz can be heard into the wee hours and the dance club scene now employs djs, foreign and local, to keep the younger set raving.


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