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      Shanghai, China
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      Here is a selection of some of the best theatre in Shanghai. all the selected theaters have been divided into shows and plays:

      Shanghai Grand Theater

      Shanghai Grand Theater
      Shanghais Resurging Arts Scene
      +86 21 6372 8702
      300 Renmin Boulevard, Shanghai 200003

      The French architect Jean Marie Charpentier was commissioned to design a new cultural center for Chinas financial capital, in the center of Shanghai. The Shanghai Grand Theater stretches its huge roof to the blue sky, symbolizing a Chinese national treasure bowl holding the universes kindness and wisdom. The building facilitates Shanghais enthusiastic pursuit of the world culture and arts as well as its flexibility ever since ancient times.

      More Shanghai Theater  
      Yi Fu Theater
      Unique Chinese Art Form
      +86 21 6351 4668
      701 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai 200001
      Shanghai Center Theater
      Grand Venue for Great Performances
      +86 21 6279 8614
      1376 Nanjing Road West Road, Shanghai 200040
      KunJu Theater
      Ancient Opera
      +86 21 6437 1012
      9 Shaoxing Lu, Shanghai 200020
      Majestic Theater
      One of Shanghai's Oldest Theaters
      +86 21 6217 4409
      66 Jiang Ning Road, Shanghai 200041
      Shanghai People's Art Theater
      A Famous Theater
      +86 21 6413 3523
      201 Anfu Road, Shanghai 200031
      Shanghai Theater Academy
      An Artistic Haven
      +86 21 6248 1866
      630 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai 200040
      Yun Feng Theater
      Movies and Stage Plays
      +86 21 6255 0500
      1700 BeiJing Xi Lu, Shanghai 200040
      Nan Shi Theater
      Multi Purpose Venue
      +86 21 6377 5030
      No.871 Hamamatsu Lu, Shanghai 200122
      Tianchan Peking Opera Centre Yifu Theatre
      Important Venue
      +86 21 6351 4668
      701 Fu Zhou Road, Shanghai 200001
      Shanghai Dramatic Art Centre
      Surreal Life
      +86 21 6433 5133
      288 Anfu Lu, Shanghai 200031
      Shanghai Centre Theater
      A Variety Venue
      +86 21 6279 8600
      1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai 200040

      Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe
      Great Feats
      +86 21 6279 8663
      1376 Nan Jing West Road, Shanghai 200040


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