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      Xian, China
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      Xian Food
      Xian has been rich in the delicious food of Shaanxi snacks, There are many varieties of famous snacks of fashionable foreign delicacies with uniqueness. The representative snacks includes as follows:
      Xi'an Dumpling Banquet
      Xi'an Dumpling Banquet was originated from the dumplings of Tang Dynasty and traditional dumplings in folk community. This banquet is made with elaborate material selections and unique techniques. The dumplings made are impressive and characterized for their shapes. Xi'an Dumpling Banquet is famous for its multiple diversity and variety of dumplings on the table.
      Xi'an Dumpling Banquet

      Xi'an Dumpling Banquet concentrates the good-points of various dumplings in different regions. Many breakthroughs and betterments are shown in design, shape, production and cuisine-style. Fresh vegetables of different seasons and the daintiness of different areas are made to be different stuffing. The way of cooking is enlarged to be cooking, frying, baking and boiling from the one-fold cooking and braising. In the angle of style and design, more and more folktales and fairytales are widely used for uniqueness and attractiveness.

      Qinzhen Liang Pi - Xian China Food

      Qinzhen Liang Pi
      One of famous Shanxi snacks is Qinzhen Liang Pi, It has more than 200-year history. It is made of the rice flour. Such kind of snack is also called Qinzhenmipi for it is from Qin town of Hu County. The rice flour is generally made to be the paste and then laid on multilayer bamboo steamers. The Liangpi is thin, slender, and soft with typical local relish.

      Roujiamo (Chinese-style Hamburger) - Xian Chian Food
      Roujiamo (Chinese-style Hamburger)
      Roujiamo is the well-known food in Xi'an. It was originated from Warring states. At that time people called it Cold Meat (Hanrou). It is generally called Chinese-style hamburger. The most famous producer of Roujiamo is Fan Fengxiang and his son. Their shop was founded in 1925 with more than 80 years.


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